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China Signet

Seal cutting on good stones, is called the art of gold stones also.  It is one of the outstanding traditional culture art in China.  Its origins can be traced back to Chum Qiu period or event older.  Because the font in ancident China is the seal Character, in ancient called seal cutting, we use this parlance until now. The art of seal cutting came from ancient art of stamp.  "Print" in ancient time means "Credit".  The earliest stamp in china is the three imperatorial stamps in Shang Dynasty.  It has the history of 3000 years, After finishing making a stamp, we have to dip red inkpad to make it useful. In Wei Jin Dynasty and the Southern and Northern Dynasty people began to use the seal on paper with vermilion.  The vermilion inkpad is red with a little purple, massive and disimpassioned.  It is the most beautiful and is praised as "The Vermillion emits luster and the incision on the jade is bright. "  The quality of ancient stamp is simplicity.  it is the collector's item in the world.

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